1.  Read these directions fully and completely.

2. Complete your manuscript.

3. Have you edited your manuscript? If punctuation, spelling and/or mechanics are not your strong point, consider hiring a professional to edit your book before submitting it to us.  Please understand, we do not require or demand that you use a professional editor; but we do recommend that your manuscript be as error-free as possible, because - yes - spelling counts!

4. Email your submission to Editor@ BlissBooksOnline (dot) com

5. No attachments - everything should be in the body of your email.

6. What do we want in your submission?
Courier, Times New Roman or Century Gothic size 12 throughout. Black or blue font color only.
a. in the subject line: QUERY Title Author
b. in the body of the message:
query letter including genre and word count
author bio - including the name/contact information of your church or ministry
synopsis (no more than 5 pages)
first three chapters or first 30 pages - whichever is LESS
Your contact information including mailing address, phone number, and complete name

7. Wait up to 3 months for a response. We will respond to every submission with a request for the entire manuscript or a letter of declination (see FAQ). I know Social Media and the internet makes neighbors of us all, but please don't infringe on my privacy by calling, texting,  or IMming me. You are welcome to email me if I haven't contacted you after 4 months.


We are currently accepting:

Any Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Reader fiction with a strong spiritual story-line. Any genre is acceptable with obvious exceptions - horror & erotica. Romances must be 3 flames or less. Mysteries should be Tea Cozy level with no graphic violence.

Nonfiction with a strong spiritual structure (including sermons, ministerial guides, commentaries, devotions, autobiographies, history, cookbooks, and poetry).

Fully documented research must accompany any self-help or health-related nonfiction.

Most of our authors are leaders in their church, synagogue,  spiritual path  &/or ministry - be sure to mention your leadership roles in your query.

All books must be able to help the reader



Inspirational &



We do not publish horror, erotica, or illustrated children's books.

Submissions Guidelines



Inspirational &