​Do you accept Children's Books?

It must be spiritually based and follow the BLISS vision. We will consider Middle Reader and Young Adult (maturity ages 15 through 21) which are not illustrated.

Denouement Lit has just opened a new imprint specifically for Early Readers and Middle Readers (ages 3 - 14) which are illustrated. Please consider submitting your children's books through GingerSnap Press.

Do you accept already published or self-published books?
Self-Published: No, not anymore.

Traditionally published by a real publishing business not owned, operated by, or related to you:  We may consider a previously published book if you state upfront when it was published, through which publishing house, and the Amazon ranking it had during the first year in print. You will also need to prove (letter from them) that they no longer have publishing rights on it and are no longer marketing it. But understand, we will treat it as any other submission. Expect it to be professionally edited and be willing to make changes to fit it into our house's level of excellence.

How soon will I hear from  you?
up to 3 weeks for a proposal
If we are interested, we will ask for a copy of your manuscript along with an agreement of exclusivity for the duration your manuscript is with us. We will respond to you within 3 months of the receipt of that manuscript.
If we accept your manuscript for publication, you can expect your book to be published within the year.

I don't really have an inspirational book, but I like your marketing strategies. Is there another publishing house you can recommend to me?
Yes, our sister-house is Portals Publishin
g, LLC. They accept most genres and nonfiction books.

You rejected my manuscript! Don't you realize it was

the best book ever? Why did you reject it??
We never reject a piece of intellectual property. All such entities are marvelous and should be honored and revered.  We did not reject your book; we did not reject you. We simply declined to publish it. There are many reasons why we might decline to publish a manuscript.
1. The book is not based on a solid spiritual foundation.

2. The author is not actively involved in his/her church as a leader in any ministry.

3. The author is not willing to adapt and improve their project.
4. Refusal to follow simple directions. (This is actually huge. If you are told to entitle something REVISION and you entitle it Sunflowers instead, it will never get to the right folder. If you use a weird but creative heading font and size when you've been asked to keep it clean - Times New Roman size 12, 5 point hard indentation - it will take me too long to reformat it and a great deal of your manuscript can be lost.)

Our Letter of Declination states:
Here at Bliss Books. LLC, we believe that there is honor in all work. Perhaps you would find a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment if you were to send your manuscript elsewhere. Thank you.

If you have a question which is not addressed                          

above, please use the contact form.                         

We will respond to you within 3 weeks.                    


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What kind of books do you publish?

BLISS Books, LLC publishes books that will change the world by changing the reader, because that is where true change must begin. We accept both nonfiction and fiction as long as it will help the reader "Build Life-long Inspirational & Successful Strategies."

We also love the idea of publishing books filled with a collection of poetry, homilies, sermons, vignettes, short stories and/or autobiographies. We are especially looking for books by spiritual leaders as well as books that can serve as ministerial guides.  Word count is not an issue, as long as we can offer our readers a good book for the money. Unless it is poetry, the manuscript should be at least 45,000 words. Not sure if yours fits us? Follow the submission guidelines and we'll let you know.

Plagiarism – The first clause in our contract states:  AUTHOR agrees that all materials accepted by BLISS BOOKS, LLC are original works of the AUTHOR and are not under contract for DIGITAL, TRADE PAPERBACK, or AUDIO publication by another party. Once you sign the contract, I begin the labor-intensive and costly task of editing your manuscript. During that stage, I also utilize a program which compares random sentences to what’s available on-line. Direct matches are then verified by me for possible infringement of intellectual property rights. If you have stolen someone else’s work and claimed it as your own, you are in breach of our contract and this renders it null and void. And any further submissions to any of Denouement Literary Agency’s imprints will be discarded unopened and unacknowledged. In some cases, legal action will be implemented as is our right.   DLA and its imprints have ZERO Tolerance for Plagiarism.

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