Get to Know Us

Susan Krupp -

In-House Design Artist

Susan Krupp designs book covers and marketing items for authors and entrepreneurs.  She was hired by a publishing house to design the cover of  Evelyn's fourth book The Island Remains. Evelyn was impressed with Susan's artwork, but she was awed by Susan's personal attention to details. When the time was right, Evelyn enlisted Susan as the In-House Artist for both houses.  Susan is also available free-lance to design book covers and other marketing items. 

Meet our Editorial Consultants

Each manuscript is reviewed by a team of editorial consultants who assist the author with grammar, mechanics, flow and fluency, authenticity and continuity of the story.

 Audrey Austin                   Veronika Guttenberger

Briana Dobruk                    Christina Bass

Christopher Wilcox             Rev. Debra Latture

Daniel LeBoeuf                   Gina Sanders

Heather Bullock                  Jan Bridgeford-Smith

Joy V. Smith                        LeeAnn Rhoden

Lori Dobson                         Melissa Guzman

Nicole LeBoeuf                    Beryl B. Rankin (Scotti)

Sharon Todt                        Jeanne Raulerson




Inspirational &



Evelyn Rainey - Editor

Evelyn is an American Educator, Publisher and Author. Over the last six years, she has had six books published by traditional  small presses. For ten years, she facilitated Writers for All Seasons and now facilitates Writers at Unity.  She loves to write  and she loves to share  her knowledge of how to write - and more importantly - how to become successfully published -

What We Do

Who We Are

​​​​Bliss Books, LLC is a traditional small press house.

We offer a full 5-year contract for trade books, e-books and audio formats which can be extended based on the popularity of the published work.

We welcome authors from all levels of the writing field: those who have never been traditionally published as well as seasoned veterans.

We work with agents. We work with those without agents.

We offer 10% royalty of the net sales for trade paperback books and 25% for e-books. We also offer audiobooks with 12% royalty on net sales. We distribute internationally through Amazon, DenLit Books, and other fine bookstores.

In lieu of a monetary advance, we offer 10 books free at time of publication.

                                               with people from all walks of life.  She used bibliotherapy when she was the Itinerant Teacher of Gifted for Polk County's alternative facilities (jails, teen parent centers, expulsion programs). She taught workshops on how to write one's way out of the darkness of abuse and unemployment through Women's Resource Centers.  She began Denouement Literary Agency, LLC in 2014 but spent the remainder of that year recuperating from two cancer surgeries. She loves the publishers who contracted her first books, but she always felt that the marketing was sorely missing, so her solution was - start traditional publishing houses as imprints of Denouement where  - not only do they publish quality books by incredible authors, they also help establish sound authors' platforms and marketing strategies to help make the authors "follow their bliss." 

We offer author platform and marketing assistance.

Contact Evelyn for more information about what we offer.