Summer 2016

all books are available as trade paperback, kindle and audible versions. most books will also have accompanying board games!

April 2018

Dec 2016

May 2018

Amanda Fisher & the Underground Pyramid by Cherie Ruffo

To Hold Back the Dark

by Evelyn Rainey

Amanda Fisher & the Oracle

 by Cherie Ruffo

To Build an Army

by Evelyn Rainey

to purchase Comes the Warrio

autumn 2016

As My Soul Awakens

by DonnaMae Rose



Inspirational &



April 2017


of a Soul


Puneet Hans​

Amanda Fisher & the Map of Orion

 by Cherie Ruffo

Our Authors

Amanda Fisher & the Time Keeper

 by Cherie Ruffo

April 2020

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April 2021

winter 2016

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April 2019

Amanda Fisher & the Fountain of Youth

 by Cherie Ruffo

MaY 2017